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WELL AP US health building assessment consultant

Director of Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China

Member of the Decoration Art Professional Committee of China Interior Decoration Association

Executive Vice president of Foshan Environmental Design Association


Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design, and completed a master's degree in contemporary Space Design Studies at the School of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Spain; The designer with poetic heart pursues the contemporary space life philosophy of "natural aesthetics" and is particularly sensitive to the shape proportion and material texture. The work covers many fields such as interior design, product design, pan-home industry creative consultant, design education, etc. The dual exploration of design and teaching nourishes a new and changeable lifestyle and reflects the unique value of space construction.


In 2013, he founded HONIDEA Research and Design Laboratory, and was awarded China's 50 Interior Architects Award by the Interior Design Branch of the Architectural Society of China.

Awarded the pioneer of "Design-driven Industrial Upgrading" in 2016;

In 2018, he was awarded "Design Hero" by the organizer of A Design Award in Italy.

In 2020, academic papers were included in the "Collection of Interior Design Papers" of the Interior Design Branch of the Architectural Society of China;

In 2021, I will participate in the master program of MADE_TRANS, EINA School of Art and Design, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In 2022 and 2023, he will serve as the international judge of A 'Design Award & Competition in Italy.

2023 French "DESIGN CONVERGE" magazine annual international Influence Cover Figure award.


12 years of real estate experience center/demonstration unit design and development experience

17 years of architecture/interior design practice

8 years of home product design and development


100+ global design awards

German Red Dot DESIGN AWARD, German National Design Award, Chicago GOOD DESIGN AWARD, European Product Design Award, Gold AWARD of A 'Design Award in Italy, Outstanding Real Estate DESIGN AWARD in London, Gold Award of APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Award in Hong Kong, Finalist for AAP American Architecture AWARD FIRM OF THE YEAR AWARD


20+ Industry influence exhibition

London 100% DESIGN Week, DESIGN KOREA, Red Dot Museum Exhibition in Germany, Red Dot Museum Exhibition in Singapore, Italy International Design Exhibition, Hong Kong Installation Art Exhibition, Design Shanghai, China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Exhibition, Guangzhou Design Week, Shenzhen Design Week


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