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Half-step the analects governs the world, a bright lamp accompanies life. My(Jack’s) original Chinese brand dream began in 2002 when I embarked on the road of OEM for European and American lighting brands by a Chicago designer.


During my 21-year OEM career, I had face-to-face communication and learning with brand designers from various countries in the world,making a living and being proud of it. We have adhered to the business philosophy of "permanent quality, infinite service" for over a decade, and has won the trust and support of well-known manufacturers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Hong Kong, establishing excellent cooperative relationships.


In 2017, three of our clients presented products that we produced at the Milano Exhibition.

After returning to China, I began the road of GUOCIO's original creation. In 2018 ,GUOCIO Brand was founded,I made a wish to illuminate the world with art and wisdom , love and light for thousands of people, hoping to add lights to dreams and shine for life.


We insist on the originality, respect forthe originality, fine craftsmanship, attentive management, and making a good lamp for the world, willing to contribute to the lighting market of the world.


Displaying the 5000years of Chinese wisdom and culture on the world stage, presenting this ancient civilization to the world, from "Made in China" to  "Created in China", add light to a wonderful world .


GUOCIO products has obtained appearance patents and utility model patents for multiple products, In 2023,Halo Metal shade LED mirror won the Muse Design Award gold Medal in the United States.




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